About Us:

We specialize in the implementation of energy-saving technologies for municipalities.

- SMART STREET LIGHTING is aimed at reducing energy costs for street lighting, through the use of LED lights with adjustable lighting levels at night.

- SMART GRADIENT INDOOR LIGHTING SYSTEMS patented system that allows you to get uniform, standard lighting in the room. Achieved by "mixing" sunlight and light of LED lamps. This results in energy savings.


- SAFETY OF PEDESTRIAN CROSS WALKING aims to improve the safety of pedestrian crossings. Consists of several separate elements:

- additional illumination, repeating the signal of the traffic light. Located on the support of a traffic light;
- the light strip (repeating the traffic signal) is located on the sidewalk edge;
- pulse illumination of a pedestrian crossing, while a pedestrian is at a pedestrian crossing;
- road beacons to be installed on the sides of the pedestrian crossing.


- LED stones for landscaping. Can be used for illumination of sidewalks, bicycle paths, park zones.